Introducing The Process Collection

A synesthetic experience tying color and smell together in four soy wax, wood wick candles. Created as a collaboration between candlemaker Sweet Dish and Darling and letterpress printers Triple Threat Press, The Process Collection combines packaging and scent design to produce an enveloping experience.

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The Inspiration

Since 1906, printmakers have been using a four color printing process, known as CMYK, to print any color imaginable. The process works by separating the image to be printed into the four process colors and then layering those colors in a varied dot pattern to trick the brain into seeing more colors than are actually there.

The Process Collection was created in an attempt to capture the essence of the process colors — cyan, magenta, yellow and black.


The Candles

Process Collection candles are all thoughtfully crafted in Cleveland, Ohio using 100% soy wax, which contains no additives or colorants and uses phthalate free fragrances and essential oils. Each candle is poured, by hand, into a destinctive ink can style tin.

Packaged in a colorful, letterpress-printed label, created on a ca. 1870's Gordon Oldstyle Letterpress, and sealed using tried and true printmaker techniques, the Process Collection is sure to please the designer in us all.


The Scents


An herbal mix of agave and pine, including traces of cypress, willow, spruce, and tobacco leaf.


A floral medley of cactus flower and rosewater, with a hint of prickly pear, lily, and blood orange to finish.


A fruity combination of orchid blossom and amber, as well as notes of white grapefruit, pear, and oak shavings.


A spicy blend of tobacco and burnt clove, with scents of ash and embers added to round things out.


The Makers

Sweet Dish & Darling creates thoughtfully designed and crafted soy candles with unique and original fragrances that are hand poured and blended in Cleveland, Ohio. They have an ever expanding selection of products in their line and offer fun new limited edition scents monthly.
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Triple Threat Press is a letterpress and graphic design company that specializes in bridging the gap between traditional, letterpress printing and contemporary, computer-aided design. They have helped businesses and artists create everything from business cards to album covers.
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Purchase Information


Order now online through Etsy. Local pick-up is available using the coupon code CLEVELANDLOVE.


In Person

Come say hello to Triple Threat Press at the following events:
-May 13 - Cleveland Flea
-July 8 - Cleveland Flea
-September 9 - Cleveland Flea